Facial Recognition Fail: Vietnam Security Co. Fools iPhone X Face ID

15 November, 2017, 01:56 | Author: Carmen Reese
  • iPhone X's Face ID gets conned by mask

'We saw a lot on social media about whether it was possible to use someone's sleeping face to open their iPhone X so we put it to the test.

A Vietnamese security company named Bkav claims to have rigged up a mask which successfully managed to fool the iPhone X into unlocking.

This tricked the supposedly most advanced feature in the iPhone X. And allowed the people to unlock the phone without the need of the owner's face. "In order to compromise Face ID authentication, the attacker would have to have a detailed map of the face of the user, create a mask that would map the exact details of the victim's face, unlock the phone within five attempts, and do all of this within 48 hours".

The mask frame was made of plastic, covered with paper tape to resemble skin, with a silicone nose and paper for eyes and mouth. A new video from a mother highlights exactly these limitations; she finds her 10-year old son can reliably unlock her phone using his face.

'It does not matter whether Apple Face ID "learns" new images of the face, since it will not affect the truth that Apple Face ID is not an effective security measure.

More news: Google Makes Its Secret Files Go App Available for Download

Though the bypass of Apple's Face ID was said to be "easy" for Bkav, they think such hacks will only be leveraged against billionaires, leaders of major corporations, nation leaders and so on.

The Bkav team also recorded a video as proof of their work.

It's not clear why the iPhone X was fooled by this less convincing, and frankly extremely creepy mask. Bkav said it would reveal more in a press conference later this week. They might have "weakened" the Face ID by training it while some of the owner's facial features were obscured. It's created to be a more secure (and convenient) version of a passcode or Touch ID. In most cases, the iPhone X was able to tell apart between identical twins.

If the person looking to break in isn't anxious about subtlety, they could just physically force the user to unlock the biometric security anyways, or possibly scan the user's face while they were sleeping or incapacitated.



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