Rapps Pharmacy: What You Need To Know About The Flu

06 February, 2018, 15:05 | Author: Nina Hammond
  • Flu Deaths Rise in MO and AR

She said even though it takes 10 to 14 days to build immunity after getting the vaccine, people getting the flu shot now will have protection for the last few weeks of the flu season.

Their identities were not released. "The ending season of Influenza A overlaps with the beginning season of Influenza B, even though it is possible to contract the flu year-round".

Nine people died of the flu in Allegheny County during the 2016-17 season - which generally begins in October and peaks between December and March, state and county health data show.

Johnson County schools have had a large increase in flu activity.

Can you tell us more about this year's strain?

Rutgers Student Medical Services that more than 20 percent of students at the University said they have missed assignments and received lower grades due to the flu and flu-like symptoms.

It looks like Groundhog Day for the nation's flu report, too: It's gotten worse and there are weeks of suffering ahead. Cornell joined Sandra Hill, executive director and CEO of the health center, in spreading the message.

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The majority of cases have involved the H3N2 strain, which is more resistant to the flu vaccine and tends to lead to more hospitalizations and deaths. The Office of Public Health monitors patients with flu-like symptoms using a health care provider surveillance system.

"Pneumonia, bacterial bloodstream infections, and sepsis are examples of serious influenza-related complications that may require hospitalization and sometimes result in death of healthy people with no known risk factors for serious illness", added Department for Public Health's State Epidemiologist, Dr. Jonathan Ballard.

"Last year, we dispensed 120 flu shots", Acampora said. Strain B is also much harder to vaccinate as it mutates about two to three times more slowly than strain A.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Louisiana Department of Health recommend a yearly flu shot for everyone over six months of age who does not have a complicating condition, such as a prior allergic reaction to the flu shot. Flu activity this year in Ontario is similar to 2014-15, where the H3N2 strain of flu was also dominant. Health officials are seeing "widespread' flu activity across the entire country". There is significant flu activity in every U.S. state except for OR and Hawaii according to the CDC.

Other than washing hands, and avoiding somebody who's sick, she suggests "fist bumping, elbow bumping and try to avoid the handshaking, which we all like to do".

It takes about two weeks following the administration of the vaccine for the recipient to develop protection from the flu.

Visitors exhibiting flu symptoms - including fever, runny nose, cough or sore throat - are not permitted to visit patients in any UM Shore Regional Health facility.



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