Mother suffering from rare disease wakes up with British accent

15 February, 2018, 02:07 | Author: Diane Mills
  • Michelle and her children

It's an extremely rare condition that usually accompanies a stroke, neurological damage or other underlying medical issues.

Michelle Myers, the woman in question, has never left the United States, but somehow she can uncannily speak in a posh British accent and lingo.

And this isn't the first time Myers has picked up a new accent.

FAS is known to cause a person to speak with foreign intonation while still speaking their native language.

Curiously, the woman, identified as Astrid the journal, was able to hum well-known sounds in cadence, but it was her speech that showed discordant rhythm.

"But I started crying and they realised something was really wrong". She says that often people don't believe she isn't British nor do they realize there isn't actually that much amusing about the situation, at least not for Myers, who says she wants her condition to be taken very seriously. Best her doctors can tell, it also turned her British. A headache left her speaking gibberish for a couple of days before her accent shifted. After that incident, Myers was diagnosed with FAS.

According to the University of Texas at Dallas, FAS has been documented in hundreds of cases globally, including accent changes from Japanese to Korean, British English to French, American English to British, and Spanish to Hungarian.

The most common cause of this rare condition is stroke or traumatic brain injury.

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FAS is extremely rare and usually appears as a outcome of a stroke, brain damage, and in Meyers' case, underlying medical issues. It is possible that this might have led to Myers's unusual change in accents.

Myers also suffers from Ehlers-Danlos, a condition marked by elastic skin, extreme flexibility in the joints and possible rupturing of blood vessels.

"Who would do this for attention?"

She continued: "At first, they thought I was just joking around, because I am a amusing person".

"I was Miss Black Austin Texas when I was younger, but I feel like I'm not that person anymore", she added.

But she's not insane and she's not faking it, according to her doctors. It cleared itself up shortly thereafter, but a subsequent stroke sent her into a spiral of different accents that each last just weeks.

Speech changes such as consonant substitution, voicing errors, vowel distortions, and prolongations are associated with FAS.

The first documented case of FAS was reported in 1997 and since then doctors know of only about 100 cases.



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