Judge OKs additional DNA collection in Golden State Killer case

04 May, 2018, 13:53 | Author: Lora Ball
  • The Latest: Judge OKs DNA collecting in serial killer case

Police will use new DNA databases to try and find the Zodiac Killer. The drawing on the right is an amended version of the left based on further questioning of witnesses to the slaying of a cab driver.

Attorneys for former California police officer Joseph DeAngelo, 72, had asked the court to halt the search, arguing the warrant it relied on should no longer be valid because it was granted before his arrest.

But first, they need to obtain a profile of one of California's most elusive criminals. He said he expected to have results back from the lab as soon as in the next few weeks, and nearly certainly by summer.

"They were confident they would be able to get something off it", Vallejo police Detective Terry Poyser told the Sacramento Bee.

Hays says, "Somehow the fact that law enforcement used that without any legal search warrant door court ordered to do it makes people say well wait a minute wait a minute that's like violating our fourth amendment rights". The case was cold for decades, and the killer was known by nicknames such as the East Area Rapist, the Original Night Stalker and, more recently, the Golden State Killer. DeAngelo also is suspected of committing more than 45 rapes. The letters he sent to local newspapers to boast about his work and taunt investigators became legendary, complete with ciphers that he claimed would reveal his identity if solved.

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Various pieces of evidence, including a rope used to tie a victim as well as the letters, have been tested unsuccessfully for the killer's DNA profile.

The 2007 movie "Zodiac", starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Robert Downey Jr., renewed widespread interest in a case that has always had a cult following of amateur detectives and cryptographers who sought to crack the killer's code.

"At the moment we do not know whether the stopped killing in 1986" - say the investigators on the case.

Voigt said the Zodiac case was being investigated part time by a Police Department in a city that filed for municipal bankruptcy. "And it's to simply copy what happened to the Golden State Killer".



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