Modi blasts Congress, JD(S), says they have secret pact

05 May, 2018, 21:43 | Author: Diane Mills
  • Anand Sharma

The video had photographs of Modi and other BJP leaders with the party's election candidates, including former ministers who have cases of corruption registered against them.

The farmers, he said, were suffering because of the policies of successive Congress governments at the Centre and in the state. He said owing to successful leadership of PM Narendra Modi, country's pride has been established at worldwide level.

"National elections can not be compared with state elections as issues are quite different".

"Let me have a face-to-face debate with Modi in Parliament on Rafale". He said the Congress sees corruption opportunities in the forests of Karnataka.

"During a 2007 Goa Assembly poll campaign speech, then Congress President Sonia Gandhi had assured Goa that Mahadayi river water will not be shared", recalled Modi addressing a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) rally in Gadag, about 380km from Bengaluru.

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The meeting comes at a time when the government is facing charges of being anti-Dalit, anti-Tribes, anti-women, anti-minority, anti-farmer and anti-youth in the wake of recent incidents related to different sections of the society. What evidence does he have? "I do not expect a hung assembly", he said. While addressing a rally in the state, Modi had said, "I hold the door open for Gowda when he visits me, I escort him to the vehicle door when he leaves".

Trying to hit hard Congress, Chouhan said that Madhya Pradesh was in shambles in Congress rule in the year 2003.

On numerous occasions Siddaramaiah has been called anti-Hindu by the BJP, when asked about his thoughts on the persistent attacks, the CM said that he is a secular Hindu. "He said the country needs the experience and services of senior leaders".

When asked if he was an atheist, he said that he is a believer but not a regular worshipper. "Congress failed to transform the lives of the poor of India", he said, asking, "What has the Congress done in the last 70 years?" "Modi invited Yogi Adityanath to communalise but it failed. They should stop making fool out of people of Tumukuru and Karnataka". "New Book Review! The BJP Karnataka Manifesto, inspired by Narendra Modi, is a poorly crafted fantasy built around a weak plot that has nothing unique to offer voters".

Claiming that the Congress government in the state has delivered on its promises via various welfare schemes, he said that even the Prime Minister has acknowledged the state's better employment record.



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